William C. Barclift


P: 205.521.8328
F: 205.488.6328
Secretary: Leisa Stewart
P: 205.521.8862
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William C. Barclift


Representative Experience

This case governs the performance of over one million merchandise burial policies sold or acquired by Liberty National over the course of much of the twentieth century. Initially decided in 1978, Battle has been subject to numerous challenges since that time. Bill’s involvement in this case dates back to the early 1980’s and is on-going.
In this case, Bill oversaw the manual review and evaluation of over one-hundred twenty thousand applications for life insurance to refute the plaintiffs claims that Haitians were the victims of discrimination in the underwriting of life insurance.
In this case, Mike successfully negotiated a no-opt-out class settlement to put an end to multiple individual actions alleging race discrimination through the use of race distinct mortality in the historical pricing of industrial insurance.