Privacy and Information Security Team

What We Know About Privacy & Information Security

  • We know that the exponential growth of on-line transactions and data sharing significantly increases the risk of cyber attack.
  • We know that regardless of size, every organization that touches personal consumer information is vulnerable to breach.
  • We know that our experience protecting data for health care and financial industry clients will go a long way toward protecting you against the risk of exposure.

We know Privacy and Information Security.


Dana Lumsden Quoted in Law360 Regarding Changes to New York’s Business-Oriented Commercial Division

Dana Lumsden of the Financial Services Litigation Practice Group, was recently quoted in a Law360 article entitled “Out-Of-Staters Could Be Blindsided By NY Biz Court Overhaul” which explores the ramifications of impending changes to how cases move through the Empire State’s Commercial Division. The new rules could make the state an alluring legal venue for corporate clients.

"The potential is there for people not to know about these changes,” said Lumsden. “But I would say if you're a competent commercial litigator whose client has been sued or who wants to pursue a dispute in New York State, then it's your responsibility to understand the rules."


John M. Perry, Jr. Quoted in The Tennessean Regarding Gift Disclosures Mandated in Sunshine Act

Health care attorney John Perry was recently quoted in an article entitled “Doctors prepare for gift disclosure rules” in The Tennessean. The article explores the ramifications facing the health care industry in light of the new rules of the Sunshine Act, which mandates that physician reimbursements from drug and device companies be disclosed to the public.

“I think what can be potentially a little tricky would be hospitals who have non-employed physicians on their medical staff,” said Perry. “Those hospitals are going to be in the dark about payments to members of their medical staff until the public finds out about it.”